UEO COVID-19 Resource Guide

An extensive list of books on diversity, anti-racism as well as a reading log for children, teens and young adults. Click here to print or download our Summer Reading Recommendations.

On June 25, UEO hosted our first ED Talk. We had a panel of educators who provided ideas and resources for continued and summer learning activities, helping children adapt to virtual learning environments, and addressing trauma. Click here to print or download our ED Talk presentation.

A reference guide for parents and families to support fun and engaged learning experiences both virtually and offline! Click here to print or download our Summer Educational Resource Guide.

Summer Educational Resources

If you need information, inspiration, and ideas to help get through these current times,

check out some of the resources and links below.

UEO COVID-19 Resource Guide - UPDATED!


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Our UEO COVID-19 Resource Guide contains information on federal, state and local organizations providing assistance during COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to print or download.

Summer Reading Recommendations & Reading Log